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LOVE STORY: From Friend to a Commitment

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LOVE STORY, It was very surprising for me to meet her. I was getting divorced, putting my health first, and doing my best.

LOVE STORY, It was very surprising for me to meet her. I was getting divorced, putting my health first, and doing my best to raise my children. 안전한 카지노사이트

I was introduced to her as a client, so at first it was all business. As time went on, we grew closer and spent most of our days conversing.

I never considered it to be anything other than a sincere human relationship.

The more time passed, the more we talked, the more we experienced together, and the closer we became.

We became true friends after a few months, not just acquaintances. We were set up to be best friends or maybe more; we had all we needed.

It wasn’t obvious at first because we were both in the process of leaving our present relationships but weren’t quite there yet.

Neither of us was in a position to want or offer more. When our previous relationships ended, we remained on our journey of intimacy.

We were socially and spiritually compatible, and we both had something to teach the other.

That first year, I don’t think one of us noticed anything else was going on. Our friendship was pure, and our relationship was innocent.


Suddenly, a slew of things went wrong for her. Knowing she was even a little uncomfortable made me wonder how I felt.

That year, I hadn’t even looked at another lady, let alone considered dating. I spent time working, parenting, going to school, and conversing with her.

It should have been evident, but it wasn’t. I was also not her type. Regardless of all of that, she always came to me first.

I knew all of her secrets, and we never held back with one other. We were essentially envisioning a future together sans the other relationships.


On our first “friend date” (not that the word “friend” was ever used), she then asked me, and I just took it at face value. 카지노사이트

She simply had a lot going on, and the minor detail that I wasn’t her type contributed to my interpretation of the evening.

We went out, she treated me like a princess and paid for everything; it was a fantastic evening.

Then returned to our regular homes and resumed our everyday routines.

LOVE STORY, I was certainly perplexed. I was receiving several compliments, good morning and good night texts, and even the sporadic “hey baby” text.

After a few more weeks of this, I eventually worked up the courage to ask her out.

She said yes, and I picked her up after work that Friday.

I went her to her favorite restaurant and had flowers delivered to her in the middle of her lunch.

When we arrived, I had her favorite food ready and waiting for us at the table.

She began crying halfway through the meal. I feared I’d blown it, crossed some lines, and jeopardized our friendship.

Then, all of a sudden, she admitted to having feelings for me for quite some time.

The rest of the meal was fantastic as we shared memories and things we had wanted to say and do for one another during the previous year. 카지노 블로그

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