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The Dazzling Launch of Bulgari Mediterranea Luxury Jewelry

The Dazzling Launch of Bulgari Mediterranea Luxury Jewelry

The dazzling launch of Bulgari Mediterranea luxury jewelry. Eclectic, opulent, and bold, Bulgari’s Mediterranea is a kaleidoscope of exquisite jewels.

Bulgari takes us on an imaginary journey across the Mediterranean Sea. We are transported through time and space by fine jewelry and Mediterranea watches that are unveiled in Venice in June 2023.

Located at the crossroads of civilization and major trade routes of the Renaissance world. Also, Venice has a rich history reflected in the opulence of the jewels of the Mediterranean. In Venice, ideas flowed freely like the tide and art reached new heights thanks to enlightened patrons and the great fortune created by merchants at sea. Embodying this spirit, Bulgari chose the magnificent Palazzo Soranzo Van Axel for its premiere.

The Mediterranean is a kaleidoscope of gem creations bringing together three themes from Southern Radiance, Roman Splendor, and East Meets West. Lucia Silvestri, Creative Director of Bulgari Jewelry, does not hesitate to infuse jewelry with strong emotions. Also expressed in bright colors, bold tonal combinations, and exaggerated volumes.

She said of the collection:

“This high jewelry collection is a celebration of the beauty and essence of the Mediterranean in all its forms. For me, being in the Mediterranean region is a sensory awakening and an experience. really inspirational. Architecture, nature, and people, I see beauty everywhere. An inspiring gathering place where different cultures and societies have blended and enriched each other over the centuries. Our hospitality and openness are rooted in this history.”

Evoking the drama of southern Italy’s coast, a 15.13-carat cushion-cut ocean blue sapphire sits at the center of the Southern Radiance Chapter’s Mediterranea Muse necklace. Living with the movement of the waves. A series of diamonds and sapphires roll on the platinum torque structure and give way to aquamarine drops.

The majestic 66.88 carats take center stage in the Southern Sapphire necklace surrounded by a glittering lace-like structure of diamonds. The necklace, which recalls the austere beauty of the white Puglia villages against the blue background of the sea. Also took 1,650 hours of work in Bulgari’s high-jewelry workshop in Rome.

In the chapter Roman Splendor, we go from the romanticism of the seas to the timeless architecture of ancient Rome. The Roman Esedra necklace effortlessly captures the geometric rigor of ancient Rome in a sautoir set with a hexagonal pendant with a sophisticated combination of 68.88-carat emeralds, hands diamond, amethyst, and also turquoise.

Ara Pacis or Altar of Peace

The Ara Pacis or Altar of Peace built by the Roman Emperor Augustus was the inspiration for the Acanthus Emerald necklace. The carved holly flowers on the white marble facade of the altar are represented by more than 136 diamonds. Also, seven exquisitely saturated teardrop-shaped emeralds totaling 33.59 carats. The classic beauty of Rome comes to life in this meticulously crafted necklace.
Like a protective third eye, the 37.14-carat Maharaja Emerald radiates its spiritual power in the Lotus Emerald necklace. The necklace has an Indian jewelry style and especially a lotus motif. Diamond ripples and emerald bands flow around the center stone of this deeply iconic necklace, requiring 2,200 hours of work.

Exploding and dancing colors in the East Meets West chapter celebrate the lavish silks, carpets, and spices of the Orient that have made their way to the port of Venice. The Oriental Buds necklace and matching jewelry watch showcase the glamor and exoticism of the Mughal Empire and Byzantine architecture in luxurious pavé diamonds paired with vibrant pink, emerald tourmaline stones. jade and emerald. Jewelry watches hide a dial behind a 5.65-carat Colombian emerald 카지노사이트.